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You Don’t Have to Battle Addiction Alone.

Addiction is complicated and unique to each individual. It can be caused by a combination of hereditary, mental health, environmental and social circumstances in a person’s life. It has far-reaching consequences in a person’s life that can lead to other disorders such as depression, anxiety or trauma. It can take many forms — gambling, smoking, drugs or alcohol. And addiction can impact the lives of friends and families.

Which is why at North Central Health Care we:  

  • Create treatment plans as unique as the indivdual, helping each individual identify the root causes of their addiction and work with them to overcome their addiction using a variety of individual and group therapies and services.  
  • Provide them with a support network of highly trained on-site professionals from diverse disciplines.  
  • Assist them in building a supportive external network by incorporating friends and family into the individual treatment plan.  
  • Improve chances for recovery by providing education, counseling sessions and support groups for the patient’s family and friends. 
  • Treat both adolescents and adults.  
  • Work with them to improve their physical health, including nutrition, diet and exercise. 
  • Teach them to make better decisions by helping them understand and communicate their feelings and develop better problem-solving and decision-making skills.  
  • Show them they can enjoy life without addictive substances. 

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