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Joint Programs with Justice Departments

Working with Law Enforcement to Reduce Addiction

North Central Health Care partners with area law enforcement and justice department entities to build greater community awareness surrounding substance abuse and put into place programs that can help prevent addiction within our community. We partner with the Peer Court and Truancy Court, Marathon County Sheriff Department staff, Mayor, Department of Justice, area police and fire departments. the Sheriff Department and Community Development.

In joint collaboration with the Marathon County Department of Social Services and Delinquency Unit Social Workers, we offer:  

  • Juvenile Cognitive Intervention Program helps individuals examine the decisions they make and the consequences of those decisions. Participants are taught life skills that them make better decisions. The program consists of 20 sessions; the first 10 sessions focus on “CHOICES” and the second 10 sessions focus on “CHANGES”.  Youth must complete choices before starting the changes section. Attendance is mandatory and participants must pass the final exam to graduate.    

Referral from Marathon County Department of Social Services or Delinquency Unit Social Workers is required.