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Aquatic Services
Water Therapy Can Work Wonders.

For people who have physical disabilities, are recovering from surgeries, or have musculoskeletal conditions such as fibromyalgia, arthritis and lower back pain, warm water therapy can bring relief from pain, spur recovery and improve range of motion, balance, strength and coordination. At North Central Health Care we have a warm water pool specifically designed for aquatic therapy. Here we offer aquatic physical therapy, water exercise programs and community and family swim programs that help individuals manage pain and maintain or reclaim their independence.

All programs do require the referral of a physician and therapeutic programs.  

North Central Health Care’s warm water aquatic services:  

  • Includes handicapped-accessible locker rooms and a pool with a wheelchair ramp, stairwells and deck handrails. 
  • Convenient parking easily accessible for people with special needs.  
  • Separate male and female locker rooms. Rooms have mat tables and grab bars for safety. Toilets are higher and handicap accessible. The showers are hand held with shower chairs. 
  • Unisex dressing rooms and shower areas, allowing caregivers to aid with dressing and showering.  Rooms have mat tables and grab bars for safety.  Toilets are higher and handicap accessible.  The showers are hand held with shower chairs.  
  • Offers lockers that are accessible for 10 cents.  
  • Have wheelchairs for patients that can be used to enter the pool or for showering. 
  • Provides poolside seating for caregivers.  
  • Provide patients access to both doctor-referred aquatic physical therapy programs with licensed physical therapists, as well as community swim.  
  • Are available to those who cannot swim. 
  • Offers a pool with a depth that ranges from three feet to five-and a-half feet, and a water temperature of 90 degrees.  
  • Provides patients with self-directed exercise programs for pool and home (land) use. 
  • Allows patients who leave the aquatic therapy program to continue using the pool by enrolling in water exercise programs or joining the community and family swim. 
  • Is overseen by a credentialed Licensed Pool Operator.  
  • Provides a Certified Life Guard at all times.  
  • Is directed by a Licensed Physical Therapist and a Physical Therapy Assistant who oversee all aquatic physical therapy clients and transitional program clients.  
  • Meets all State and County regulations.