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Aquatic Physical Therapy

Water Therapy Builds a Stronger Body

For those of you suffering from fibromyalgia, arthritis and low back pain or recovering from an injury or surgery, warm water therapy is a low-impact rehabilitation option that can improve range of motion, balance, strength, coordination and reduce pain. Warm water therapy is beneficial because it:

  • Reduces the force of gravity that compresses joints, reducing pain.  
  • Relaxes muscles and supports submerged sore joints and limbs.  
  • Floating allows the therapist to  use positional and ranging techniques that are impossible on land. 
  • Increases circulation and decreases inflammation.  
  • Gives resistance based on tolerance.  
  • Allows therapists to work on gait and balance without risk of patient falling.  
  • Makes it easier to do exercises to increase range of motion, strengthen muscles and improve cardiovascular conditioning. 

 At North Central Health Care, warm water therapy patients receive individualized care from a licensed physical therapist who works in collaboration with your physician. Upon discharge, the therapist provides each patient with a self-directed exercise program for pool and home use.

Bring the following to your therapy sessions:

  • Swimsuit or shorts and a T-shirt. 
  • Water shoes or slip-on shoes for the pool deck and shower room. 
  • Towel. 
  • Insurance card or workers compensation insurance information. 
  • Doctor’s order. 
  • List of current medications and over-the-counter vitamins.  
  • Dime for a one-time usage locker; larger lockers available for long-term rent.

Download our Aquatic Therapy Brochure.