Crisis Hotline
(715) 845-4326 or
Crisis Services
You Don’t Have to Manage a Crisis Alone.

An emergency can come in any form and at any time. Where can you turn for support? Here. We’ll help assess the situation and ensure you receive the support, counseling and resources you need.

North Central Health Care provides a 24/7 Crisis and Suicide Prevention Line staffed by resourceful, knowledgeable people. A 16/7 Mobile Crisis Unit that can come to where you are.  A Crisis Center specialized in assisting people with urgent mental health, developmental disability or substance abuse needs. An in-house short-term Crisis Stabilization unit that provides temporary shelter and support to stabilize the conditions of acute mental health symptoms. A specialized Youth Crisis Bed unit that offers youth a short-term respite and support network. And Behavioral Health Services — an inpatient hospital unit for those with more severe psychiatric and detoxification needs.