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Prevocational Services

Developing Independence with Prevocational Training

Having a role in the community can help improve self-confidence, independence and quality of life for adults and young adults with developmental disabilities. North Central Health Care strives to help each individual become a productive, responsible and participating member of the community by helping them acquire daily living and vocational skills that promote optimum levels of independence in the home, community and workplace.

We offer adults with developmental disabilities the opportunity to learn good work skills while promoting self-worth through paid work, as well as advancement in wage, work habits, productivity and skill level.  Individuals participate in paid work tasks that could lead to a referral to the Supported Employment Program and a job in the community. Individualized programs focus on work activities, vocational orientation and training and transitional employment.

The prevocational program is available Monday through Friday from 9:00 am - 3:00 pm. To make a referral or determine whether an individual is available for State or Federally funded assistance, call 715.627.6232 or 888.486.9545.

For more information, please call NCHC Prevocational Services at 715.841.5172.