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FAQ - Adult Day Services

How do you qualify for the program?

Consumers attending Adult Day Services must have a diagnosis related to a Developmental Disability.

What is your staff to client ratio?

Staff to client ratio ranges depending on the day but on average the range is between 1/5.4 to 1/6.0.

Is there a cost for community based activities?

Most of the community based activities offered are at no additional charge.  However, there are some activities that do have a cost.  Cost activities are typically either the individuals admittance fee to a special event or for their lunch or meal to be purchased in the community when a sack lunch is not possible or desired by the consumer.  Adult Day Service's provides a activity calendar monthly that outlines what activities are at no additional charge and what activities will require the consumer to provide their own funds.

Do you offer transportation to and from community activities and is there an additional charge for this transportation?

Adult Day Services does provide transportation to and from community activities for consumers at programming without additional charges.

What are some of the activities in the community that are offered?

 Bowling at the local bowling alleys, shopping trips to local stores and retailers, volunteer opportunities at the Salvation Army and Mountain Bay Trail, YMCA, special events such as the Marathon County Fair, yearly steam Engine show, display events at Cedar Creak, displays at the local museum, park outings and picnics, etc.

Do you offer community based activities?

Yes, we offer a variety of community based activities both regular activities and attending seasonal and special events that are held within regular programming hours.

Do you offer transportation?

Yes North Central Health Care does have a transportation program that can transport consumer to and from programming however this is a separate program and does entail an additional cost.

How long have you been in service?

Around 1971.

What is the average age range enrolled in programming?

The average age range for consumers is 22 - 65.

What is the age range of the consumers you serve?

18 years and older.