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Inpatient Services

Safe, Secure Environment for Acute Health Needs

For those in need of acute mental health or detoxification services, a 24/7 supportive environment is critical to their care. Behavioral Health Services, of North Central Health Care, provides those most in need of help with a team of interdisciplinary professionals who can offer counsel and support around the clock. Our team of psychiatrists, physicians, psychologists, social workers, dieticians, clinicians and nurses meet individually with the person and then collaborate to create a treatment plan specific to an individual’s needs. Together, we help people make positive changes that will improve their quality of life and help them return to the community.

Our inpatient community offers voluntary and involuntary mental health assessment, treatment, stabilization and alcohol/drug detoxification services for adults age 13 or older.

  • Multidisciplinary treatment. Care plans are unique to the individual and may include occupational therapy, group therapy, medication, psycho educational groups, individual counseling, family counseling.  
  • Cooperative care. We work closely and collaboratively with Law Enforcement on assessment and treatment of detained individuals.  
  • Recovery is the goal. Each treatment plan is designed to encourage short-term stays that promote well-being and seamlessly return the individual to the community with a pre-determined support network in place to ease the transition.

For more information about specific guidlines of inpatient care at North Central Health Care's Behavioral Health Services, please review our Inpatient Guidelines.